C'est la Vie is a 1966 Charlie Morgan 34.

Her home port is Everglades City, FL. Our typical cruising area is Southwest Florida, the Florida Keys, the Southeastern Atlantic Seaboard, and the Bahamas. We are C'est la Vie's third owners and purchased her in 2005. We continue to maintain and update this classic vessel. Please post any questions or comments about C'est la Vie or our travels via the comment links below.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Time to break the silence...

Dealing with the emotional wounds from the dis-masting is a much longer endeavor than either of us imagined.   Our healing process has lead us to question what’s next.  Do we want to continue sailing?  What about sailing offshore?  Do we want to continue to pursue or goal of spending a couple years aboard in the Caribbean?

With a refreshed sense of purpose we can now confidently state that we are committed to pursuing our goal of cruising the Caribbean.   I’m certain that when we next hoist our sails and set a course offshore both of us will feel a flush of anxiety as we dwell on C’est la Vie’s dis-masting.

We have decided to search for a new boat on which to continue our journey.  This has not been an easy decision for us.  I am not going to attempt capture or share the process by which we reached this conclusion.  We are not seeking outside input or for others to question the path we have chosen.    We do want to continue to share with you all our progress forward

What are we seeking in a new vessel?  We cherished the Morgan 34’s classic lines, her shallow draft, her fine sailing ability on all points of sail, her wide side decks, and her solid construction.  We want to retain as many of these features as possible yet gain...
  • Increase in offshore sailing capability/comfort by seeking greater displacement, additional free board, a bridge deck between cockpit and cabin.
  • Increase in tankage – specifically larger water and holding tanks

After many hours of research and discussions with experienced sailors we narrowed our search to three models.  

Bristol 35.5 – Ted Hood designed centerboard sloop with a reputation for excellent sailing characteristics.  She is 35.5’ LOA,  11’ Beam, and 15,000 Lbs displacement.

Tartan 37 – Sparkman & Stevens design centerboard sloop.  She is 37.4’ LOA, 11.75’ Beam, and 15,500 Lbs displacement.

Morgan 382 – Ted Brewer design with an reputation as a solid blue water boat.  She is LOA 38.3’, Beam 12’, 17,000 Lbs displacement.

I have now been aboard all three vessels.  We were able to sail aboard our friend’s Tartan 37, Carribean Soul.  Thanks to Penny & John for the fine evening sail.

We have had an offer accepted on one of these boats and are moving through the process of purchasing… survey, USCG abstract, etc.  We are reluctant to share more details until we close the deal.  Stay tuned!

What about C’est la Vie’s dis-masting?   We believe the mechanical failure of a critical rigging component installed in fall 2011 lead to the dis-masting.  We are under advisement not to discuss the matter publicly at this time.  We hope to share the details at a later date.