C'est la Vie is a 1966 Charlie Morgan 34.

Her home port is Everglades City, FL. Our typical cruising area is Southwest Florida, the Florida Keys, the Southeastern Atlantic Seaboard, and the Bahamas. We are C'est la Vie's third owners and purchased her in 2005. We continue to maintain and update this classic vessel. Please post any questions or comments about C'est la Vie or our travels via the comment links below.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

projects are winding down...

With the bimini now completed we are searching for a departure date and looking to wrap up any remaining projects. One of the outstanding projects is finishing and installing the lash boards seen at right in the image below.
The boards currently have two of six coats applied.  Capturing my full attention in the image above is another project - replacing the rope to chain splice on our primary anchor rode.  The old splice (there is an aftershave joke there somewhere) had significant rust in the chain link...
I recalled a past article in Good Old Boat that illustrated a few rope chain splices.  That lead me to John Danicic's article Rope to Chain Splices.   The previous chain to rope splice on C'est la Vie was the traditional backsplice the article convinced me to try the elongated splice...  Pictured below is C'est la Vie's newly respliced anchor rode.
While the rode was on the dock I also replaced the anchor shackle and marked the rode at 10 foot intervals.


It seems remiss to post all this anchor information without stating clearly what C'est la Vie carries for ground tackle.  Her primary anchor, on starboard side in image below, is a 50 pound fluke.
The fluke, a rarely seen anchor, has consistently served us well in soft bottoms.  Attached to the primary anchor is 100' of 3/8 chain and 350' of  3/4" three strand line.  This is the set up we adopted from the previous owner.  I do not believe that we have ever gone beyond the 140' mark on the rode, but we do keep the line on board for the "what if" scenario and to have extra line in case we are forced to ride out a storm at anchor.  The secondary anchor, hanging to port, is a 35 pound Bruce.  The Bruce has a 25' chain and 175' of 1/2" three strand line.  The bow sprit is a custom design installed by the previous owner.  The sprit is an amazing addition to C'est la Vie.  It not only serves to keep the anchors away from the bow, but it also moves the forestay 24+ inches forward.  This greatly reduces weather helm and I believe creates a much more balanced sail plan for the M34.

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