C'est la Vie is a 1966 Charlie Morgan 34.

Her home port is Everglades City, FL. Our typical cruising area is Southwest Florida, the Florida Keys, the Southeastern Atlantic Seaboard, and the Bahamas. We are C'est la Vie's third owners and purchased her in 2005. We continue to maintain and update this classic vessel. Please post any questions or comments about C'est la Vie or our travels via the comment links below.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Refinished windlass installed

Once we added the final grease..

 And Anne used the excuse of  torquing down the bolts on the base to show off her guns...

We reunited the windlass with the foredeck...

Now all that remains is to service the anchor rollers on the pulpit and rehang the anchors.


  1. It looks great. We are refurbishing a same windlass as well. Did you do anything to your chain gypsy and spindle for them to look like that?


  2. Philippe - a friend of ours here in Beaufort, NC took the windlass body & chain gypsy to his workplace, a US Navy yard, and used glass beads to blast clean the parts.

    Is the spindle the drum used for rope opposite the gypsy? Assuming that is is we did not do anything to the spindle as it was in good condition.

    In what stage of the refurbishing process are you?

    Thanks for the comment. Please let me know if you have additional questions.