C'est la Vie is a 1966 Charlie Morgan 34.

Her home port is Everglades City, FL. Our typical cruising area is Southwest Florida, the Florida Keys, the Southeastern Atlantic Seaboard, and the Bahamas. We are C'est la Vie's third owners and purchased her in 2005. We continue to maintain and update this classic vessel. Please post any questions or comments about C'est la Vie or our travels via the comment links below.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Going Two-Ply!

After some consultation with Anne, I've decided to go two-ply on the paddle board bag.  This will offer the board more protection and make the bag more durable.  In addition there is still plenty of material left in the main.

After cutting and sewing the additional layers, I began fabricating the slot for the fin.  I began be adding another layer of sail cloth around the site of the fin slot. The additional fabric will make this area very durable.
Initially I zigzag stitched the patches onto the panel.  Then carefully strait stitched around the edges of the slot.  Using the straight stitches as a guide I used a razor blade to cut the slot into the four layers of cloth.  A soldiering gun served as a hot knife to seal the edges of the slot.  
To seal the slot when the board is traveling with the fin removed, I abutted two strips of 1" webbing and only attached the outer edges.  
The test fit on the board looks good!  Hopefully tomorrow I can join the three primary components and complete this project. More images are available - Paddle Board Bag Project - Summer 2012 

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  1. Your idea of using sail cloth is great. I have a longboard that can only be kept on deck. When we were in the Keys 3 years ago my board bag only lasted about 4 months in direct sunlight. This is definitely something I will try.

    We made a 17 hour drive back down to the Carolinas for work. We'll catch up soon!