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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Engine Haul Project - week two update

Here is the week two progress report...

I completed the repairs to the port side battery shelf and added a strip of 4" wide fiberglass mat along all the joints in the engine compartment.  The bilge and engine compartment are now painted - two coats of primer and two coats of Interlux Bilge Kote.

One week ago...

repairs and painting in the bilge and engine compartment complete
Ironically,  I completed the repairs and painting while working around the shaft and couple only to remove them once the paint dried.  Removing the shaft, shaft couple, shaft seal, prop, and cutlass bearing were time and energy consuming projects this week.  These adventures are highlighted in a previous update - Project Creep Sets In On The Engine Haul. 

Here is the run down on the drive system:

  • The shaft and couple are visiting the machine shop for a "facing"
  • A PYI-PSS service kit for shaft seal is on order
  • A new cutlass bearing is on order
  •  Prop is scrubbed and polished

 The exterior of the water lift muffler received a couple fresh coats of paint.  Using 1/2 plywood I created a new shelf for the water lift muffler.  To seal the new muffler shelf and the existing shelf for the bilge pump float switches, I applied four coats of epoxy to each.

clockwise from the back - refinished water lift muffler, shelf for  bilge pump float switches; shelf for muffler
The engine received a second coat of  red prior to Mike, the diesel mechanic, arrival this week.  Upon his arrival we continued the tear down of the engine.

clockwise from the top - engine, transmission, and fly wheel
Base on the age of the engine - 16 years and the run time - 2800 hours, Mike suggested to:

  • Inspect and clean the heat exchanger core - We removed the core. Now it is my task to clean the core and the fresh water channels in the engine block
  • Test and tune the fuel injectors - I dropped them off at Coastal Diesel Service in New Bern.
  • Replace the drift plate - linkage between engine and transmission - part ordered
  • Replace the rear seal - keeps engine from leaking into the fly wheel housing.  Not an anticipated repair , but we discovered some oil around the fly wheel.
  • Replace motor mounts - No surprise here.  The new mounts are on order.

A sure sign you're in deep?

left - heat exchanger core needs cleaning
right - prop recently scrubbed and polished
When your heat exchanger core and prop are hanging out together on a table beside the boat.

I'm off to the boat to install the new sound proofing while I await the arrival of serviced and new engine parts.

Here is a link to a photo album of the entire project - Haul Engine - Fall 2012

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  1. Wow! It looks amazing. Great work. I like the detailed postings.

    One of the main things I noticed with the bilge kote was how it got rid of any lingering smells. The bilge kote chemical smell will go away in a couple of weeks, but after that everything to me smelled 100% better.