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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mounting engine room components on the sound proofing

With the sound proofing installed what to do with all the engine room wiring, plumbing, filters, etc that must be attached to the walls...?

chaos of wiring on the engine compartment wall.  Fuel filter is mounted on right
The sound proofing panels are 1" thick.  My solution began by creating 1" thick starboard spacers with a 1/4" hole drilled in the center.

drilling 1/4" holes in 1" thick starboard

Using a band saw to cut out the spacers

Most of the spacers created were 1" squares.  I did create larger spacers specifically for the fuel filter.
Using 1/4" thick starboard, I created  mounting boards for various engine compartment components

starboard side mounting board for electrical wiring & light
 With the mounting boards and spacers in hand I returned to the engine compartment.  Using a razor knife I cut out 1" squares in the sound proofing and inserted the spacers.  The spacers were then taped over to protect the foam and hold the spacer in place.  I then drilled the panels and walls to line up with the holes in the spaces and secured the entire assembly with #10 machine screws.  Using #10 screws in 1/4" spacer holes gave me some wiggle room on lining it all up.

starboard side mounting board in place.  Clockwise from top - wiring bus for misc, engine room light, negative post, and primary positive house bank  fuse.

The image above is the same area as pictured at the top of this post. A similar yet less crowded panel is located on the port side wall.  The fuel filter and engine room blower are mounted directly on 1" spacers.

Next up is to re-install the housing, straps, and wiring for the four house bank batteries.

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