C'est la Vie is a 1966 Charlie Morgan 34.

Her home port is Everglades City, FL. Our typical cruising area is Southwest Florida, the Florida Keys, the Southeastern Atlantic Seaboard, and the Bahamas. We are C'est la Vie's third owners and purchased her in 2005. We continue to maintain and update this classic vessel. Please post any questions or comments about C'est la Vie or our travels via the comment links below.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cabin Sole Refinishing - installing floor hardware

Since returning to Florida, the majority of our efforts have gone towards completing the installation of Lonwood Marine Flooring on the cabin sole.  Save for re-installing the trim we have completed the galley & salon area.

Looking aft at new flooring in the salon & galley. 
This section of flooring had two weeks of dry time while we traveled to North Carolina.  Over the past couple days, I  trimmed the edges at the floorboard joints and installed the floor hardware.

Floor hardware?  Well this includes a recessed finger handle for each floor board and a strike plate for the bulkhead mounted table leg (both visible center, right in image above.) 

After finding the ideal location for each floor board's handle, I began the installation by using a 1 1/8" paddle bit to auger out a depression for the center of the handle.  The circular center is the deepest portion of the handle. While the large diameter hole is only partial depth, the I did ensure the paddle bit's center point did pierced the backside of the flooring. The small hole will prevent water from pooling under the handle. 

I began the floorboard handle installation by drilling out the center section.

With the center drilled, I then used calipers to mark the location of the hinge portion of the handle.  The hinge is the second deepest portion of the handle.  A razor knife and chisle were used to excavate the flooring material. 

using the handle to mark off material to be removed.
At this stage the base plate of the handle rest flush on the new flooring and could be used to trace out the remaining area to be removed.  The thickness of the new flooring nearly matched the thickness of the handle plate so in most areas only the new flooring was removed to recess the baseplate.

Once the handle fit neatly into the recess, four #8 counter sink screws hold it in place.

Previously only two of C'est la Vie's five removable floor boards contained  recessed handles.  We plan to install a handle in each section.

With the area aft of the main bulkhead complete, we are onto making templates and cutting flooring for the forward area.

back to creating templates and cutting flooring.
 We plan to glue the remaining flooring down tomorrow morning.

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