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Saturday, November 3, 2012

We are on board and eating again

We took a photo of last nights dinner as it was yummy and a delight after being on the water since 5 am. Unfortunately, it did not save. Let me try to describe the plate. We had green aspiration (combo of aspagus and broccoli), pasta with garlic, parsley and olive oil and Lindsay Green Tofu. YUM!
So, what I did was heat my skillet with some oil add one pound of pressed, chopped tofu. Sautee for a few minutes and then turn down the heat to medium to cook out the water. Using a silicone steamer I placed my rinsed trimmed aspiration in the skillet with the tofu and thought I was quite clever to use that heat/steam to cook the vegetable.

Whlie the tofu cooked I heated the water for the pasta, it is boxed pasta but I only add the water not the fats they call for and I drizzle the pasta with extra virgin olive oil to finish it off.

I cooked the pasta, 8 minutes, turned that off , stirred the tofu that was browning nicely in the pan. Cooked that for another 5 minutes added soy sauce stirred and as soon as the soy sauce started to bubble I took it off the heat transferred the tofu to dinner plates. I added nutritional yeast and set aside. Drizzling some oil into the used skillet I turned back on the heat tossed the aspiration to finish it off. Total time 25 minutes start to plating. We had been on the go for 13 hours and needed something warm and healthy and quick. This fit the bill!

Let me know if you need more directions but really I just eyeball the soy sauce, you don't want to saturate it but use it a seasoning maybe 2 tablespoons. The nutritional yeast flakes I order from swanson vitamins and love it. It is full of b vitamins and has a nutty flavor. Its great on popcorn. I use a quarter of a cup ususally and sometimes more.
This was a good meal

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