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Friday, April 27, 2012

Shrimp and potatoes

Last nights dinner of sauteed shrimp, arugula and peppers was a healthy alternative to a scampi that I am fond of. I drank the wine instead of cooking with it and I still had a light yummy sauce with the meal. I found that cooking the shrimp with the shells still intact really added so much to the flavor of the dish. It made for a messy meal but I feel it was worth it. I had a zucchini that begged to be part of the dish. Good thing as it added a bitterness that complemented the spice of the arugula. I usually think of arugula as having a bitterness and spice but the baby arugula really was more of a pepper taste. When sauteed it took on more of a spinach texture. I was quite happy!
So, here is what I did. First, cut up fingerling potatoes drizzle some olive oil in a pan. Place the potatoes in the pan and sprinkle with kosher salt. Heat the pan on high until you can smell the oil. Turn the heat down to medium and put a lid on the pan. I had a timer on for 8 minutes. I stired the potatoes at 5 minutes and then again when the timer went off. I transfered the potoates to a sheet of foil that a wrapped around them to continue the cooking process while I prepped the rest of dinner.
I placed the minced garlic, sliced peppers and sliced zucchini in the hot pan with a swirl of olive oil. I put a lid on it but did not have any heat on it. This was at 5:30. We didn't eat till 7 and the potatoes were still hot! So, at 6:45 I turned on the stove to medium high sauteed the veggies till they were soft. I added the shrimp and the juice of a lemon and cooked them till they were pink about 3 minutes and then added the arugula till it was wilted another 3 minutes. Voila dinner was served and really enjoyed!
We did add some more lemon, salt and red pepper flakes to dinner while at the table.
I will make this again!

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  1. oh man, that looks so good! Us being from Louisiana, you are speaking our language with the cooking.

    Love the fresh ingredients, and Definitely always cook shrimp with the shell on it, or remove the shell but keep it in the dish as it does ad so much flavor! Especially the heads.