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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Amazing dinner ahead

Brace yourself this is a good one. I really wanted to grill but it was too windy so I used the broiler and it was an ok subtitute.
Dinner was greek veggie kabobs with uncle bens 7 grains medley and a fresh yogurt and feta sauce. I was in heaven. I don't even like feta!
The recipe I followed called for mint and I agree that would have had me over the moon. I had fennel seed and both jeff and I are fans of fennel so, that is what we used. Also the recipe called for oregano, I didn't have it surprisingly, so I used marjarom. Good sub!
I strung on bamboo skewers a baby pepper, wedge of onion, mushroom, onion, tofu, mushroom, tofu. I made 6 of them thinking we would possibly have leftovers. No way!
With the skewers strung I poured over a marinade of 2 tbs red wine vinegar salt and pepper and 1 tsp marjoram. I let them set room temp for 1 hour and then broiled them till the veggies were tender. I cooked the rice according to the package and served with wedges of lemon and the sauce.
Oh the sauce, I made plain yogurt before leaving the island and it is really mild and good. I mixed .5 cup of yogurt, .5 cup feta, 2 minced cloves of garlic and 1 tbs red wine vinegar and cracked pepper with 1 tsp fennel seeds the recipe calls for 1 cup of mint. I mixed all together as my first thing prior to even cutting the veggies for the k bobs. Boy oh boy it was creamy and full on flavor.
Sorry if my photos are all sideways. I am doing this on my phone and the photos don't all go the way I planned.

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  1. Looks delish!

    One trick you may want to try with your phone photos (because I have this issue also). Is to rotate it on the phone, THEN "crop" it to the original size, this will then usually give you the option to "save" the photo. It looks the same as if you just rotated it, but now you got to save it.

    This is a trick I learned when trying to text or email phone pictures that otherwise would be sent sideways, even if I tried rotating them.