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Friday, May 4, 2012

Salad anyone?

This was Jeff's "favorite dinner by far" as long as we changed a few things. I was really impressed too. I would add garlic to the vinegarette, lemon and more pepper. This was a great meal.  It came from my many little cookbooks I have aboard. I used the photos and recipes for inspiration and measurements and then tweek them for the boat or my ingredients. It it much more freeing to do it this way. Sometimes at my landbased home when cooking something for the first time I try to follow thre recipie word by word. Cooking is more art then science and baking is way more science but also includes lots of creativity!
So, with all that said I made a salmon, potato, arugula ans strawberry salad with a dijon vinegarette. It was delish!
It took about 20 min in the oven you could use the grill and almost no prep time at all.
The salmon, please read into this my bias and belief, should be wild caught us based salmon. Why? Well there are many sources of information out there but personally it is taste, texture and peace of mind.  I will you let you do reasearch on your own and make up your own mind but you should know where your food is coming from!
Ok, tirade over
I used new potatoes about .5 pound for the 2 of us cut in half and then thirds and lay them on a cookie sheet. Drizzel them with olive oil salt and lots of cracked pepper. Cook at 450 for 10 minutes then toss the potatoes and move them over and place 2 pieces of salmon skin side down on the cookie sheet sounded by the potatoes and cook another 10 min maybe 15 if you have big pieces just till the fish flakes. While the fish is cooking measure out 3 tbs of white wine vinegar 2 tsp of dijon mustard .25 cup chopped chives and 2 tbs of olive oil ( I should have added 1 clove of minced garlic) and shake it up. I use a storage container that has a screw down lid. It works like magic!
Arrange the argula on the plate slice strawberries on the side place the potatoes on the arugula to wilt the greens then the salmon on top. Please leave the skin stuck to the pan I line my pans with either parchment paper or foil for easy clean up. Dress with the dressing and you have a lovely dinner. At home I might have paired this with a baguette orr bread of some sort but c'est la vie! 


  1. I love salmon! great recipe and so so easy. You have so many recipes on here now, you might consider adding a tag that more defines it,

    Like Food and fish
    or Food and meat

    Isn't it so nice to make your own salad dressing? I just started doing that in the past year and I have no idea why I didn't start sooner.

    Jeff is a lucky man to have such a cuisine enthusiastic aboard.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Dani! salad dressings are great and really so easy when put 6 ingredients together and shake it makes we wonder why there are so many fillers and other ingredients on the bottles in the stores. I was intimidated thinking mine would not stand up to "newmans own" but I am really coming around. I think once I start posting on something other than my phone I will be more organized. Keep up the good advice!

  3. Dani - It is so true. I am a lucky guy. I added a list of labels to the right pane of the blog. so now it will be easier to review posts with specific labels.