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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Crunchy or soft?

We had a big plate full of crunchy tacos. My favorite! I am really picky about the shells. There are some shells that have TBHQ in them that helps meat, usually lard, from going rancid. It is basically a kin to formeldahyde. Not good for the body. I like the shells to be crisp and not break apart on first crunch. The best I have found are the blue corn shells. The best I have found is the whole foods brand but really the regular groceries have been catching on. Look in the natural food section. The second best shell is the walmart brand. Can you believe it? (disclaimer: I am not a huge fan of walmart I think they have some wicked business practices but really the suppliers need to stand up for themselves and not give in to walmarts demands....but this is a post about tacos)
Many of the walmart brands of foods are turning the tide on super manufactured foods. They have begun to phase out high fructose corn syrup and they have options of vegetarians like pie crusts without lard or banana bread mixes without beef tallow. Read your ingredients people!
I am really off topic.
I love tacos!
I browned ground turkey meat added taco seasoning and the water and let it simmer with a splatter screen on top. I had wrapped up the shells in foil and placed them atop the screen while I chopped up some vidalia onion, lettuce, tomato and opened a bag of shredded cheese.
10 minutes of simmering and the meat was ready. We loaded up the shells and dinner in 20 minutes flat was done.

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