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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thai-ing Thursday

This was hands down the best meal I have served aboard C'est la Vie. It takes about 10 minutes total cooking time and one pan but days of prep and boy oh boy was it worth it! It is a Thai chicken and noodle salad and I want to do it again using tofu and adding mung bean sprouts.

Our friend Jeff, with whom we shared an condo last fall, as well as new friends aboard SV Contigo both grow their own sprouts. I want to do this and will endevour to make it a habit as I hate to run out of fresh food to eat and sprouts, radish, mung bean, alfalfa, broccoli all have such appeal. I can't wait to figure this into my routine! Let me get back on track...delish food ahead!

Ok so 2 days ahead I defrosted a chicken breast that I had frozen. Once defrosted I washed it off and patted it dry and sliced it thiny across the grain.  I then placed it in a ziplock with the asian dressing and marinated it over night. The meat took on the dark hue from the soy sauce( I used braggs but tamari would have been preferable) which made me think I had made an error. Once I had that meat cooking in the pan 2 minutes per side I realized that color cooked off and took on browning caused by carmelization. The aroma was fantastic. I was really quite proud of myself! When the chicken was done cooking I placed it on the cooked noodles added the veggies and extra dressing. The salad was done! I served it with veggie potstickers that I found in the frozen food isle at the Marathon Publix in Florida.  This meal had complex flavors, crunch, color and made me so happy!

The potstickers are dumplings that can bee cooked in the oven,  fried or steamed. I liked the idea of using the chicen frying pan to steam them. 2 things happened I cleaned the pan with the boiling water and cooked the dumplings!

The rice noodles cooked in boiling water are tricky as you need a big pot and lots of water and it takes about 2 minutes to cook and it is easy to overdo it. I could not take that chance. I used chinese rice noodles that were very long and I cut them prior to "cooking" them. I actually used scissors! And instead of cooking them I placed the noodles in the serving bowl covered with fresh water and let sit for 15 minutes or so. They were soft and were al dente, just perfect! I used about 3 ounces or half the bag so I can attempt this again! I also love this as I have a gluten free meal up my sleeve!

The dressing is as follows: 2 full scallions thinly sliced, 4 minced garlic cloves, .25 cup rice vinegar, 1 tbsp brown sugar( I would use honey next time), 2 tbsp lime juice, 1 tsp anchovy paste (I just mashed up the anchovies left over from pizza night, you could use fish sauce too) and .5 tsp red pepper flakes
Place this all in a screw topped container and shake. Use half of it for the chicken and the other half for the dressing of the salad. It smells ok when you make it and amazing after sitting for a day.
The rest of the salad I used 6 baby carrots thinly sliced not jullianed, 1 cucumber seeded and thinly sliced a squirt of basil that I have a refrigerated tube of (amazing on the boat!) But the recipe called for .25 cup of basil,

For garnish, fresh mint leaves from the plant I got in ft pierce, scallion greens sliced thinly, red pepper flakes, pistachios ( they call for peanuts but I am allergic) and it calls for bean sprouts and yes that would have been nice. I would add lime wedges as garnish and I think it would add a brightness I am pleased really really pleased!  

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